From The Cosmoplitan Challenge
by Daniel Trivedy
          ‘Although seemingly poles apart, economy and culture are uniquely intertwined, with the former impacting on the latter. Historically it has always been the rich that have had the opportunity to promote their own cultures; if the economic landscape is changing so too will the cultural one. It is likely that we will see a significant shift in cultural production in the next two decades as new ‘power’ centres emerge. The hegemony of the ‘west’ is uncertain and for the first time in recent history it is feeling threatened, this has been accompanied by the psychological realization that subordination is reality for most of the worlds citizens’

Lai King

Los Arqueros

A Coruña

Sierra Nevada

Port Stephens

Las Vegas

A Coruña II

Hoover Dam

Sierra Nevada II

Tai Po

Choi Hung

Tung Chung

Mong Kok

High Island